A hands-on approach to foodservice and nutrition

We provide every client with unique advice to suit their needs. Together, we can help you identify solutions to inspire improvement in your catering operations. But what sets us apart? Our hands-on experience.


avisso are a team of unrivalled foodservice and dietetics consultants who work closely with clients to provide expert advice within their catering operations
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From compliance and enhancing nutritional standards to menu innovation, communications or design, staffing reviews and cost reduction – avisso can help
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What sets us apart? Our team’s hands-on experience in roles similar to those of our clients means we know and understand their day-to-day challenges
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Our avisso consultants have worked as chefs or in the catering front line, progressing to regional and then executive management. In addition, our registered dietitian and other experts can provide professional advice. Our specialism is in food and domestic services.
What sets us apart? Our hands-on experience in roles similar to those of our clients means we know and understand their day to day challenges.
Part of the avisso package, if requested, can include menu reviews and recommendations to ensure EU FIC compliance and more. We are also able to provide unrivalled dietetic advice, recipe analysis and regulatory support.
experts in foodservice and nutrition - improve your catering operations today

“I rate avisso highly… it was appropriate for me to draw upon their resources to help our very capable catering team achieve the final step in our quest to be one of the first schools to gain the Soil Association’s Food for Life Parternship Gold Award.”



We work hard to inspire improvement in catering-related services and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.