Registered Dietitians are the only qualified health professions regulated by law. Dietitians use the most up-to-date evidence based nutrition and dietetics. We translate scientific information into practical advice for individuals and at a general population level.
Dietitians are statutorily regulated with a protected title and are governed by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), an ethical code to ensure that they always work to standards of excellence. The HCPC’s role is to protect the public; it is an independent UK wide health regulator, which sets the standards, professional training, performance and conduct for 14 professions. Therefore, only those registered with the HCPC can use the title ‘Dietitian’.
Dietitians must have completed a BSc Hons in Dietetics or related science degree with a postgraduate diploma or higher degree in Dietetics. As you can see, there are stringent checks in place to ensure registered Dietitians deliver qualified, expert advice of the highest – and most regulated – standard. It is therefore advice you can trust.
The title Nutritionist is not protected; anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Those with appropriate qualifications can register with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) but not with the HCPC.
Diet Experts/Nutritional Therapists often use a ‘complimentary medicine’ approach with a focus on nutritional supplements and recommendations such as ‘detox’ and ‘clean eating’. Often the treatments they offer will be non-evidence based and they are unable to register with the HCPC or the UKVRN.
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