Allergen training

It is such a privilege to be able to offer our clients the expertise and knowledge of our Registered Dietitian. We can provide a specialist service including:
  • Allergen training workshop
  • Recipe analysis
  • A consumer/diner facing allergen portal
  • Menu review and modification
Determining the nutritional content of a menu can be difficult, particularly when complex recipes are involved. Employing the Saffron Allergen & Nutritional Web Portal, along with the expert knowledge of avisso’s expert dietitian, is the easiest and most effective way to provide accurate nutritional information on menus.
Use the Saffron allergen portal for: 
allergen training - Saffron allergen nutritional web portal

allergen training – Saffron allergen nutritional web portal

Case study

A client contacted us, concerned about repeat occurrences of an allergic reaction within its catering operation, to the same diner on separate occasions.
The brief
avisso were commissioned to conduct a full review of procedures and, importantly, training regarding allergy practices. Three key areas that should fall within the scope of this project were identified:
  • A full assessment of the existing allergen management process, with a view to inspire positive change and implement full, risk-free compliance. The key objective is to ensure that the recent incidents of students receiving the incorrect food do not happen again
  • A strategy outline for achieving an immediate operational allergen management improvement to the catering department, including full training of all catering staff
  • The development of a bespoke allergen policy that satisfies the need for total compliance throughout the school.
Recommendations made by avisso
A full allergen report was produced by avisso and presented back to the key client, then subsequently communicated and filtered down to the core team. avisso have introduced a bespoke template for a Food Allergen Policy for the client. avisso’s Registered Dietitian carried out full refresher training for all catering staff covering food allergies and intolerances, symptoms and prevalence and measures to reduce the risk in all areas.
An exam was taken at the end of the sessions with the marks indicating everyone had achieved a good level of knowledge around allergens and the management of students with food allergies in a catering environment.
The consultant and dietitian spent a day with the catering team observing and monitoring the current systems in place. The whole team is confident, aware and refreshed. avisso have also implemented a robust framework to enable full compliance.